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Socom 4 Co-op Declassified

  • On February 24, 2011

This is sounding like a ton of fun. Chris Roper // Community Specialist, Zipper Interactive had this to say about the co-op experience in Socom 4.

SOCOM 4′s cooperative mode features two main game types: “Takedown” and “Espionage.” Takedown charges your team with scouring an enemy-filled location in search of opposing VIPs that you must neutralize however you can. Espionage turns the focus to intelligence gathering, where you must use teamwork to track down enemy data and sabotage their local operations.

Before each co-op mission begins, you’re able to adjust both the overall difficulty and the density of the enemy soldiers positioned on the map. But even at its easiest, SOCOM 4′s cooperative mode has been designed to be challenging – as you progress, you’ll need to use teamwork by calling out enemies and objectives to your squadmates.

Source: PSBlog

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