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The Days Of Split Screen Gaming May Be Coming To An End

Sony showed off a very interesting new feature currently in development for the PS3 this week during an event in London that reportedly “shocked” many of the company’s executives. This new technology is a dual-view 3D mode for the PlayStation 3 that would allow gamers to play against each other in the same room on the same TV without having to use split screen.

Mick Hocking, SCEE senior director ( and director of it’s World Wide Studio’s Stereoscopic 3D Team ) demonstrated the mode briefly with Killzone 3 to a small number of attendess. A tech website called PocketLint had some of it’s guys at the London event. Here’s how they described Sony’s new work in progress:

The technology works in a similar way to Jaguar’s spilt screen television on its dashboard that displays television to the passenger in the car and a map to the driver, but in this case to gamers at home. Player one will see his movements full screen, while player 2 will see his – i.e., something completely different explained Hocking on the technology that could revolutionise gaming at home, on your TV.

Even though the freshly released KillZone 3 was used to demo the new PS3D feature, Sony didn’t elaberate on when consumers can expect to try it out.