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SOCOM 4 Full Deployment Details, this you might wanna read!

With the mighty tower that is the Call Of Duty series on the decline and burning out, the Medal of Honor game that didn’t do as well as was hoped, MAG (although a great game) has become somewhat…mundane (though the DLC did help some), that really doesn’t leave much aside from Killzone 3, which is pretty good as I find I get the “World Full” message a lot, meaning there are a lot of players online, which is good!.

But let’s get to the real reason why I’m writing this. I was making my usual rounds on the internet enjoying the sights, errrr sites ( 😆 ), when I came across information on the SOCOM 4 “Collectors Edition”, or SOCOM 4: Full Deployment as they call it, and was I shocked! Here are the details:

The Full Deployment package contains the following:

  • SOCOM 4 game, on blu-ray of course
  • PlayStation Move motion controller
  • PlayStation Move navigation controller
  • PlayStation Eye camera
  • PlayStation Move Sharpshooter

The whole package will reportedly retail for $150.00. If you ask me, that’s a pretty sweet deal, I mean really do the math. $99.99 for the camera and move controller bundle, $29.99 for the navigation controller, $39.99 for the sharpshooter, and finally $65.00 for the game bringing the total to a whopping $238.97, and that is before taxes. Heck, even if you don’t like SOCOM or FPS games, but you have been wanting to get a Move, this may be the answer. Just trade in the game, or use it as a coaster; who cares?! It’s a cheaper way to get the entire Move package, and you still save a bit of dough!

Anyone going to get this? Are you going to get it for the game and the entire move package, or just the move package, or not at all?


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