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GDC 2011: PlayStation Home v1.5 Coming This Spring

  • On March 1, 2011

Hey Home-goers, today, Sony has unveiled their plans for Home v1.5 at GDC in San Francisco, and has announced that it will be released this Spring. With that, what will be expected in version 1.5 of the application?

The update will introduce a suite of new technology with tools that will enhance your experience with real-time multiplayer, improved physics, as well as more realistic graphics and animations.

Although the update isn’t as user-facing, what i does have is more tools for developers to have more freedom in creating games specific to Home, which will, then affect us directly. To help us get an idea of what kinds of improvements in games we can expect, launching alongside the update, will be Lockwood Publishing’s SodiumTwo, which is a jet-type racing game that features a number of customization options (as can be viewed in the video above).

Can’t wait to see what other games developers come up with thanks to v1.5. It does sound a bit promising, and would likely get more folks to hop into Home more often, for sure.