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Dead Nation Patch Available Next Week!

For those that have been waiting for the Dead Nation voice-chat feature, you can now sleep with confidence. According to Housemarque, the developer behind the game, voice-chat, along with some other features, will be implemented by next week.

In my honest opinion, I hope it isn’t to late, it was extremely hard to play with someone without having the option to communicate. Even though the game sold over 100k units, I am not sure how many people stuck around. We first heard about the patch shortly after the game released, but that was months ago. We even tried to contact the developer to see if they could give us a time frame on the patch, but the only thing we heard were cricket sounds from our inboxes.

Some of the other features coming in the patch are:

  • Checkpoint saves
  • Ability to copy saves
  • Some surprises for all the Dead Nation players out there!
  • Below is a Development Diary that might hold you over until the patch is out: