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Winner of the Paper Wars: Cannon Fodder Contest!!!!!

Thanks to all who entered in’s official Paper Wars: Cannon Fodder contest. Our winner was selected at random and all we requested was that you be a member of and submit an image of any origami, paper airplane or some other paper art to enter.

With that said…Congratulations to Dean 147!!!! He submitted a classic origami bird that came in the Heavy Rain box. Perfect entry in my opinion and well deserved. You will receive a message from us by tomorrow with your winning code!!!

There were some great submissions so be sure to click the “read the rest of this entry” link at the bottom to see other entries.

Beastxjason broke out the oldies but goldies with his 2 dolla shuriken and ninja hat!

EdEN went new age on us with what I’m sure is a Van Gogh inspired image of a pink bikini top with beach skirt. Sexy!

jscar2000 submitted his 273 fold (believe me, I counted them) origami boulder.

kennygk submitted something he picked up from the “gifted” arts and crafts session at a local school.

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