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Ape Escape Coming to PlayStation Move

This will be the first Ape Escape title to hit the PS3 (at least in North America; this was also already released in Japan in December 2010). This is a series that, I think, more caters to younger and/or casual players. With that said, this title has been designed especially for the Move controller, but it is also an on-rails, first person game, so a lot of the gameplay may be limited.

There is a total of 15 levels and 500 monkeys to capture (and keep track of in the game’s MonkeyPedia), with the main goal of the game being to capture the leader of the invasion, Specter. There is also a multiplayer component it seems, which sounds like it revolves around competitive mini-games. Here’s some of the gameplay details, according to Wikipedia:

Players view the game from a first-person perspective with the motion controller acting as a gadget on-screen which include a floating net, a slingshot and a folding fan. Players cycle through their arsenal using the Move button while either pressing the trigger button or performing gestures to utilize the gadget. For example, players swing the net to catch monkeys, press the trigger button to fire slingshots and wave the controller to use the fan.

You move the camera around with the X and O buttons. Look for the game to hit the PlayStation Network in EU and NA this Summer.