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My Top 5 Favorite User Created Levels In Little Big Planet 2

Little Big Planet 2 has been available for nearly 2 months now and it already has some astounding user created levels. From a simple ( yet complex ) bounce pad level to a very authentic Pac-Man recreation, you’ll forget you’re playing Little Big Planet when you dive into these levels. Here are five of my current favorites.

Sky Fighter Simulator By RoDRiGo-FiLiPiNo RAPHAEI
Take to the skies in this flight simulator inspired by Ace Combat, and Tom Clancy’s Hawx. Shoot down as many enemy jets as you can and avoid incoming fire to get the top score. I played this level over the weekend. I think my score was a pathetic 4k. The current top score for 1P is over 278k.

LBP PAC-MAN [JPN] By gurichan
You’ll forget you’re playing Little Big Planet 2 when you try this level. It looks and sounds almost exactly like Namco’s classic arcade game. This level is also one of Media Molecules’ favorites as well. Current 1P high score is 112,670.

Zombie Island 2 By Nathan900
Sack Zombies invade Craft World! ( Why not? They’re everywhere else these days. ) In this multiplayer level you and your fellow Sacks are armed with a trusty paintinator against a wave of Sack Zombies and bosses. Spend the points you accumulate throughout the 10 rounds to unlock new, deadly weapons and access different areas. For 1000 points you can even make the Sack Zombies bust a move for a short period of time. Hint: Kill them while they’re dancing.

Which Is You? By eustoma
In this level your Sack is hidden underneath 1 out of 4 teacups that will change positions. Your task is to keep an eye on the cup your Sack is under and successfully select it when it’s done moving. The speed of the teacups will increase as you continue playing. Good luck!

The Knights: The Lost Hero By Alic44
This unique level puts you in the role of one of four knights who’s mission is to slay demons and rescue a prisoned knight. Your Sack can use strong attacks or regular attacks in this rpg inspired level. The Knights: The Lost Hero is a bit short but challenging. I played it with 2 other random people and we died a lot. Thankfully there are special shrines in this level you can use to heal you Sacks and revive fallen ones.

Those are just some of my favorite levels that can be found in Little Big Planet 2. Swing by where you’ll find more information on these and even more cool levels from LBP2 and LBP1.