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Do the Robot in SOCOM 4!

electric-slideCelebrating an accomplishment is a natural human reaction. In SOCOM 4’s competitive multiplayer mode, users can do this by dancing their asses off on top of a deceased enemy. All you have to do is press the circle button while standing over them and you’ll trigger one of the game’s built-in victory dances.

For some more of the awesome in-game dances click the jump, and sorry Jay no electric slide.

Zipper Interactive has put in more than a dozen victory dances in SOCOM 4, some of which are:

  • The Chicken – Sure to be a hit with fans of Arrested Development, your soldier makes chicken wings with his arms and waves them up and down, bobs his head forward and backward and digs at the dirt with his foot.
  • The Robot – Essentially an over-exaggerated version of what it looks like every time C3PO talks.
  • The Crane – Exactly like Daniel-san’s finishing move from The Karate Kid, the soldier raises both hands into the air, lefts one knee up slowly and then quickly high kicks with the other leg

You’ll be able to try out the victory dances when SOCOM 4’s beta phase starts on March 22nd for PlayStation Plus subscribers, March 29th for those with Killzone 3 vouchers, and April 5th for everybody else. The game itself will launch on April 19 in North America and April 20 in Europe.