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Super Stardust HD Gets New DLC

Three years since its release, Super Stardust HD, one of the PSN’s top-selling titles, is still getting new content from its developers (in fact, this game was the first game to feature Trophies and they got it 3D support last year). Sometime this Spring, the new Impact mode DLC will be released. Here are some details on the new mode:

The Impact mode plays on and twists the game rules – in place of the weapon system your ship is now fitted with an experimental new matter-to-energy boost engine technology, which means once you activate the boost, you can stay in boost as long as you can hit meteors and enemies with it!

This mode also features much higher score multipliers – as long as you boost the multiplier keeps growing and growing! This is the most fast-paced and adrenaline inducing add-on to the game yet.

Sounds like the new add-on will be making the game pretty intense. Any of you still play the game to this day? I still think it’s one of the top titles on PSN myself.