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What Socom 4 needs before launch

I realize we are in a Beta and there will be issues here and there, but there are certain things Socom needs to make its mark.

First and foremost, it needs the ability to invite friends to a squad within a lobby. This is just a must for any game. Killzone 2 had this issue, and getting with friends was not enjoyable at all.

Second, we must, and I mean mus,t have either a proximity chat or MAG squad chat, because with 16 players on your team, it is impossible to get a word in.

Third, I know this is a team based game and we are suppose to communicate with our team members, but, sometimes, I am not in the mood to chat, and it is rather bothersome to have to figure out who is listening to music and mute each person one by one. An auto mute like Crysis 2 will be just fine Zipper. While I am on the subject, why has Sony not implemented the feature to not hear anybody if your Mic isn’t on? I think the Xbox had this from day one.

I’m enjoying the Beta and really like the iron sights system, which many are debating about. The modes are intense, with uplink taking the cake, hands down, as a battle royal. 16 vs 16 is just insanely fun. Those of you who have played, feel free to add your feelings if I missed anything. This is just my opinion on what I would like to see in the final product.