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Game Night Recap - 3/24 edition

Well, alright! We had another successful Uncharted 2 game night this week! We had a total of 10 people over the course of the night, 9 from the site and 1 of my friends, who tagged along for a short while. Participants included Dean, Kennyg, Jason, Tosh, Sakinah, Ace, Geezus, Kane and myself. You all get 50 points for attending. Belmor had showed up, but seemed to have some connection issues.

We started on time and ended up going for 3 hours total, with people slowly dropping over those hours, of course. However, it was all good and fun!

Rockets returned in the beginning, and with 9 people this time around (our tenth didn’t show until after my friend left) it was even more hectic. Ace pointed out how he hated the silence during the matches, then there was the sudden whistle and follow up explosion out of nowhere!

As people left, and we got low enough to search for matches; we dominated. We noticed how a lot of people seemed to drop midmatch, probably getting tired of being killed, am I right? However, the ‘dropping’ became an issue when there was only 4 of us, waiting for Tosh to return, and we joined a match with 2 others…I, UNFORTUNATELY, got stuck with the other guys in multiple matches. In the last 3v3 game, both my teammates d/c’d and I was stuck…vs Ace Geezus and Sakinah >_> that was…interesting.

Honorable mentions: Dean, you ninja, you get a bonus 50 points again for always being so sneaky! Geezus, of course, dominated the scoreboard in the majority of the matches; you get an extra 50. Ace, your now-infamous “Oh my god” awards you a bonus 50.

All in all, it was great playing Uncharted 2 again, and with even more people. We all agreed that the game never seemed to get old, and with friends, it’s always fun.

I will be working with Ace to make a highlight video; he’s going to record it in HD, and I’m giving him the footage time stamps to record some of the most exciting moments. In the mean time, here are just a few screen captures from some of the games, and, hopefully, I will see most, if not all, of you guys for next week’s game night!