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Gamestop Selling Open Games as New

There has to be a law against this. I went to visit my Gamestop today and picked up a new Demons Souls Greatest Hits. I wanted to bring home my game, open it and pop it in and enjoy some good old Soul farming. I asked the lady, repeatedly, if she had the game new and was told each time “yes”. She brought me an envelope and the open case right off the wall.

“So you’re going to sell me a used copy?” I said.

She replied, “we don’t have any used, this is our New copy.”

So to make a long story short this is what I got as a new video game:

I asked for a used price and was given none. Open box price? Doesn’t exist, apparently. The only reason I brought it home was to point this out to the community that this is not how a new game looks.This would make a real classy gift, don’t you think? I can picture it now, “You’re so cheap Dad, it’s used!” I will be writing a letter to Gamestop expressing my feelings. The above receipt has my rewards account erased via paint, for obvious reasons.