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New To PS3 Week of 3-29-11

Dynasty Warriors 7 by Tecmo Koei – $59.99

Dynasty Warriors is looking to get a true next gen installment with DW7. Multiplayer returns, along side co-op, in this hack and slash brawl that tries to fit as many enemies on-screen as possible.

WWE All-Stars by THQ – $59.99

Think NBA Jam, but with wrestling. Demo is available on PSN if you’re really still interested. I found the demo boring and the gameplay lacking, though.

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 12: The Masters Collector’s Edition by Electronic Arts – $69.99 with the Regular edition going for $59.99

The masters is here, along with new golfers and new courses. Move compatible.

Shift 2 Unleashed Limited Edition by Electronic Arts – $59.99 Limited Edition

It is arcade racing at its best. If you like unrealistic racing games, this is for you. GT5 fans need not apply.

Nascar 2011 The Game by Activision – $59.99

He is making a left turn! Wait, another left turn! Maybe this will capture the old feel of Daytona, USA?

PSN is also getting the Free Realms MMO totally free. We can expect Moon Diver as well, as stated in a previous post. Good week all in all.