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Do You Love Your PS3?

How Many of you Love your PS3? Have you ever bothered to read the instruction manual? Did you know there is a maintenance page for up-keep on you shiny black beauty? Well, it just so happens that I have recently found out, by talking to many people, that nobody reads the manual anymore. I remember the first time I opened my NES (Showing my age) and ripped through the box, going directly for the manual. I didn’t want to miss a thing about my new-found toy. These days, it seems that piece of paper that says “User Manual” tends to stay in its clear plastic wrapping, never to be opened. Well, fear not because I have, indeed, read the manual and am here to point out something many have seemed to over look.

Let us have a look at what keep our PlayStation 3 nice and cool, the vents. As you can see, by this masterfully done picture, the cold air is pulled in the front and side and exhausted out the rear. Going to get real technical here, so watch out. The Blue arrows represent the cold air, still with me? The red arrows the hot air. What happens when these get clogged with dust? Your PS3 feels neglected 🙁 The user manual states to use a low power vacuum on the vents pictured above to keep your air flow efficient. So if you love your PS3 why not show it some love and vacuum it. I’m curious as to how many of you actually do this monthly?