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EA’s NBA Elite to stay on the bench for 2012, new NBA Jam announced

Electronic Arts will take another year off from the NBA simulation, as the blog Kotaku reports that there won’t be an NBA Elite 12 in fall of this year.

Last year, EA canceled it’s first episode in it’s new NBA series after some pre-orders were already sent out to customers, and several “reject” copies wound up on Ebay. While many criticized EA’s cancellation of Elite 11, glitches abound in the demo for the game, and many were turned off because of that. Either way, most fans of basketball sims were already flocking towards the critically acclaimed direct rival NBA 2K11, from 2K Sports.

The lone bright spot for EA on the court last year was the rave reviews for it’s arcade reboot of NBA Jam. As such, a sequel to NBA Jam, titled NBA Jam: On Fire Edition, has been announced. While I personally don’t see how the arcade basketball game can really “evolve” past 2010’s episode (which already fulfilled everyone’s expectations, and them some, of what an arcade basketball game should be), it is slated for release in October, via PSN and Xbox Live, and will include an AI similar to that in use in EA’s Fight Night boxing series (don’t quite know how that will work), and a cooperative online campaign, along with a few new gameplay modes.

In the same post on Kotaku, 2K Sports confirmed that it was continuing with it’s NBA 2K series, with NBA 2K12 to come out this fall.