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F.E.A.R 3 Super Mega Awesome Giveaway Winners

First off, apologies for the delay – it seems Mrs. FooBear got food poisoning and yours truly had to make sure she was ok. So situations beyond my control and all that…now let get to the business at hand.


Who are these people?

Three heroes. Three people who have fought and clawed their way to the top of the raffle mount and planted their victorious flag and shouted: “I claim this awesome prize!!” These fine folks were of course (picked at random-see video) plucked from my lucky San Francisco Giants hat in a salty attempt to have a professional looking contest. What more could be said about these folks? That they’re probably good looking and insanely popular with the opposite gender? Could it be that they have a double life as a CIA operative and use their PS3 as a way to wind down after a tough “assignment”? Or maybe, just maybe – they’re just dedicated Playstation fans and would love nothing more than to win some schwag that yours truly obtained – legally – from a shady, unmarked club in the city? Whatever the answer is, one thing is clear: they’re all FEAR genre fans and now they have the ultimate reminder.

Thanks to everyone who entered. I assure you, your name was written on a shred of a credit card receipt which I then cut into slivers and placed in my hat. All names were drawn at random on the back end of my AAA truck and this contest was not hastily done is any shape or form. Winners/Champions of the contest will be contacted via PM and will have the option of having their box autographed by the Foo himself.

Until the next time Tosh decides to send me to another scary hole-in-the-wall to cover another games’ release – I’m FooBear408. And thanks for tolerating me.

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