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Great Weekend Sale 4-7-11

Buy 2 Get 1 Free on pre owned games is going live Friday, April 8 – Sunday, April 10. Those who are Power Up Rewards members can start stealing all the good games today, 1 day early. This is a great time to catch up on all the new titles Sony is slamming out.

Now, we also have Target running a buy 2 get 1 as well. Ad below (click image to see entire ad):

Toys R Us is running a 3DS sale; buy 1, get 1 half off on all 3DS games, starting Sunday. They also have the following:

  • 3DS Messenger Bag $39.99
  • 3DS Explorer Starter Kit $29.99
  • Free $10 gift card when you buy any $39.99 3DS game listed below. No limit on the number of gift cards you can get
    • Pilotwings Resort
    • Super Street Fighter 4
    • Nintendogs+Cats
    • Asphalt 3D
    • Rayman 3D
    • Combat of Giants Dinosaurs 3D
    • Ghost Recon Shadow Wars
    • The Sims 3
    • Madden Football
    • Lego Star Wars III
    • Steeldiver
    • Super Monkey Ball 3D
    • Bust A Move Universe
    • PES 2011
  • Wipeout The Game $12.99
  • Just Dance 2 $26.99
  • de Blob 2 $26.99
  • Call of Duty: Black Ops $26.99
  • Zumba Fitness $26.99
  • Country Dance $29.99
  • Michael Jackson: The Experience $35.99
  • Only $10 on Dood’s Big Adventure and Pictionary when you buy uDraw Game
  • Tablet Bundle for $69.99
  • Buy 1 Get 1 Free All TRU batteries

I did some more digging, and Fallout: New Vegas will be $20 at GameStop, and Kmart drops Homefront to $39.99. So, there you go. We didn’t have a New to PS3 this week, as nothing was new, but these deals should more than make up for it. Be sure to check Amazon, as they are rumored to be selling Dragon Age 2 cheap this weekend as well.