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PlayStation + Android Wish List

  • Snap-on or add-on hardware controls: Traditional gaming buttons and analog sticks/pads are a must for many types of games, but I don’t want to buy an Xperia Play to get them. Firstly, I want to pick a different Android device; there are devices with way better CPU/GPU/RAM, better build quality, cameras, extras, etc. Secondly, I don’t want to have a “game phone”. I like to keep my passive entertainment activities out of sight when I’m in serious work mode.
  • Good Games: I love the idea of getting games on my phone, but the games that are available are underwhelming. For example, Angry Birds is a dumb game but is the source of a lot of excitement. But the excitement is really about the game as a showpiece for these new amazing devices, rather than for the game itself. I’d like to see fully realized, deep experience games, on these devices.

    In the US, people, including myself, have completely lost interest in the PSP as a device, but if you can put the device preference aside and actually compare game quality, PSP comes out far, far ahead of iPhone/iPad and more so with Android. Obviously, mixing PlayStation level content with any Android device is the goal.

  • Better than PSP specs: The PSP is generations behind Android/iOS in terms of basic CPU/GPU/RAM. 2D games like Patapon or Echoshift don’t seem to suffer but games like Metal Gear Peace Walker really do. The game itself is so amazingly well done but the basic 3D tech is so wildly dated. People don’t want to play sub-PS2 level 3D games any more.
  • Non-fixed hardware specs (?): There are obvious pros/cons to using the traditional console fixed spec model where you set a CPU/GPU/RAM level and stick at that exact level for 5-10 years vs. the PC/phone/tablet model, where there are constant hardware improvements, and games need to support a range of devices. I don’t know if it would work with the mass market (hence the question mark), but personally I’d love to experience PlayStation-level content on new hardware every year or two.
  • Device convergance: They obviously have this issue covered, but it’s worth mentioning. I would rather not have to buy a separate gaming device and keep it charged, keep a separate case, etc. I want to use my regular super phone, ideally an optional attachment for real sticks and gaming buttons, and be able to enjoy good games.