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Portal 2 Fourth and Final Aperture video.

  • On April 12, 2011

Valve has released their fourth and final Aperture video today. Portal 2 will be released on week from today, on April 19th. Also, this is the final week to win a copy of Potal 2. Make sure you get your entry in here.

“Over the last few weeks, we’ve gotten quite a few enticing reasons to pre-invest in Aperture Laboratories: from the planks of tomorrow, to test-optimized bots, to the last word in pre-emptive defense, the Home Safety Turret. Today marks Aperture’s fourth and final Investment Opportunity video, and if it doesn’t get you reaching for your special investment wallet, you wouldn’t know a can’t-miss opportunity if it was staring you in the face, yelling at you about boots.”

In case you missed the others, you can see them after the jump.

“Don’t miss this investment opportunity from up-and-coming applied sciences company Aperture Laboratories. Find out more about them April 19th, when they go public with their documentary video game Portal 2. This is the first of four videos showcasing the many lucrative products currently in development.”

“In this week’s informational video, Aperture Science founder Cave Johnson explains why robots’ll get you the biggest bang for your testing dollar. Don’t wait until April 19th to get in on the ground floor. Invest in documentary game futures today!”

“This week’s reason to pre-invest in Aperture Laboratories: CEO and founder Cave Johnson’s announcement that the applied sciences company is making its military-grade turret line available to consumers.”