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Puzzle Agent Coming to PSN April 19th

TellTale Games’ “Puzzle Agent” is hitting the PSN on April 19th, for $9.99. The game is a “darkly twisted story about a missing eraser factory worker and a bunch of creepy gnomes!” It has a number of puzzles to solve and, as you can see, a unique style.

Alan Johnson, the Community Manager for Telltale Games describes the game best.

You play as Nelson Tethers, the ONLY agent in the US Department of Puzzle Research. Tethers is sent on a rare field assignment to Scoggins, Minnesota to investigate what happened to the factory that supplies the White House with all its erasers. To get to the bottom of this twisted mystery, players will have to overcome plenty of warped brain-bending conundrums.
The game features cartoonist Graham Annable’s unique narrative and visual style combined with the cinematic storytelling style that Telltale has been establishing. The mood and setting are heavily inspired by an eclectic set of influences including Nordic folklore, David Lynch, and the Coen brothers with a dash of Stanley Kubrick. Oh, and gnomes.

Source: Official PSblog