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Might & Magic: Clash Of Heroes Impressions

What is it: The core of this is a 1v1 block moving puzzle game, where the blocks are fantasy army units. The battle mechanic is wrapped in a 1980’s-era JRPG type exploration and dialog system. This is similar to Puzzle Quest in that it combines a block moving puzzle game with a RPG-type leveling mechanics and fantasy setting, however this game is much, much better.

How good is it: Excellent. It is extremely addictive, and always has you wanting to play more. This game has much more depth and polish than what you would expect from any other studio. The 2D art is beautiful HD and excellent.

Might and Magic: At first, it seemed like this game had zero connection to the Might & Magic series beyond the name (I’ve played a ton of M&M 3,4, and 5). But, this actually does have a spiritual gameplay type connection to the strategic RPG series Heroes of Might & Magic. BTW, HOMM 3 was amazing back in its time, but the sequels have been awful. Clash of Heroes finally delivers a similar addicting strategy RPG fun.

Drawbacks: The loading. For what is such a technically simple 2D game, the loading times seem completely unreasonable.

To Capybara: This title and Critter Crunch are amazing and really show what Capybara is capable of. Why such long platform exclusive times on such odd platform choices: Nintendo DS for CoH and iPhone for Critter Crunch? Obviously, I love PS3 and that’s my preference, but Android would be great as well. I’d love to play Capybara’s Sword & Sorcery, but I’m not going to get an iOS device to do so.