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Star Ocean Developers Show Off Pretty New Tech Demo

Tri-Ace is best know for their anime styled character models in role-playing games like Star Ocean and the recent Resonance of Fate. This week the studio shared a new tech demo that’s light years ahead of their previous works.

The demo is rendered in real time on the PS3 and 360 and runs at 30 frames per second in 720p, using real-time lighting and shadows with features that include “physically-based shading models, physically-based lighting and image-based global illumination.”

Called “tri-Ace Technical Demo Trailer 2011”, the demo is said to be a ‘Physically Based Rendering version 0.1’ that uses Tri-Aces game engine. While it does look impressive when compared to what Tri-Ace has done in the past, this demo isn’t related to any title the Japanese developers are currently working on.

Visit Tri-Ace’s research and developement website for more details. Source: Andriasang

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