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PSN Down? Time to Get Greedy

We live in a society of I-want-a-free-lunch. I see it all the time. Take a look at reviews on the Apple App store. There are ton of them out there that say things like “this app really should be free” or “$2 is too much to spend” or “$4 is on the high side”. Do these people realize that they spend more on a single cup of coffee than what most of these apps cost? Are they really that cheap?

Cheap people are everywhere. They don’t give tips, don’t want to take a turn driving, don’t offer gas money, don’t pay for their share of the pizza, constantly show up at your house eat your food and drink your beer but never invite you to theirs. Etc.

Now that the PSN is down, the greedy people are showing their faces once again. They’re saying that because the PSN has been down for several days, they somehow deserve something as compensation. I’ve seen people ask for $25 PSN cards, for example. Are these people serious? PSN is free, people! How can you possibly ask for compensation for something you didn’t pay for? It doesn’t make sense! If I paid $50 a year for PSN, then maybe I could ask for 14 cents per day. ($50 / 365 days = 14 cents) But you know what? I don’t pay for PSN! PlayStation Plus owners might have a case for their 14 cents, but even that’s arguable because it’s not like PlayStation Plus members are losing as much. (PS+ is more about getting periodic bonus content than it is about having a service that’s constantly running.)

Imagine asking my power utility for compensation every time I have a power loss. It’s not gonna happen. After all, I didn’t have to pay for the electricity while the black-out is in effect. The fact is, we signed up for a free service that’s sitting on the internet. Sometimes these services fail. Just like Amazon’s recent problems. We’re not entitled to anything. If you say otherwise, well I feel sorry for you and how life is going to treat you.

Maybe we can go outside and play with hoops until the PSN is back up.