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Do you (Your Name Here) take the PlayStation as your lawfully…

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June 12, 2008. My first PS3. Do you remember your first?

To love and to hold.

Have you ever been in love? I have. To a machine. Not just a machine, but a PlayStation. Do you remember the day clearly? Your first PlayStation console? Whether you purchased it yourself or with the help of others, that day can never be erased from our memories. The first game I ever invested my time with was Metal Gear Solid. I was a freshman in college in Chicago. Winter break came along and I chose to stay in my dorm room. As my ex-girlfriend and her roommates went home for the winter, I stayed home with the company of Solid Snake and Sniper Wolf.

A couple years later, I’m out of college. I have my first job and I had my sights on a PlayStation 2. First paycheck, I went to my local Toys ‘R’ Us to purchase my second love. So many memories we made. From my first 23-2 game in SOCOM 2, to the endless nights securely transporting convoy trucks safely in SOCOM 3, the amazing final fight with Solidus Snake, the clutch field goal that won it for you in Madden 2003, the drama that unfolded with Ocelot, Volgin, and the Boss; after going through those experiences, I knew, at that moment, I would always be a PlayStation fan.

Through Sickness and in Health.

Fast forward to June 12, 2008. It was a cloudy, cold Thursday morning. I found myself standing in front a building with blue and yellow sliding doors, eagerly awaiting for the moment they open. As time passed, more people joined me. Some young, some old, some still half asleep. The moment finally arrived, and the doors opened. A women dressed in a blue polo shirt and khaki pants directs us straight to the checkout counter. There, waiting just beyond the counter, just a few feet away, was my first ever PlayStation 3.

We all have our favorite games, whether it be sports, action, adventure, or RPG. However, there’s one thing we have in common. We all have a lot of options when it comes to gaming. For some reason, nothing else can compare to the PlayStation 3. But not all relationships are perfect. There are times when I questioned my decisions. The internal clock error, the red blinking light, and now the outage. My confusion turned into fear, my fear resulted in frustration. I almost lost that feeling. In closing, I’d like to remind everyone that no matter where this PlayStation road will lead us, one thing will always be true. We are the devoted, the strong willed, the intelligent, the one of a kind, and lastly.. the strongest.

PlayStation for life.