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Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Update

Hello RPG fans.

Some new information regarding minor details of the game have been made available trough the official Bethesda forums. A German gamer posted the information he read on PC Games Magazine. Here’s what he found out.

– The world map will be 3D, however you can’t make notes on it
– There will be dragons which will be friendly, so you can talk with them
– There’ll be economy fluctuation according to actions taken and events passed
– Wind will affect water behavior
– Lockpicking is still a mini-game
– You’ll be visiting 5 cities and about 8 minor settlements
– You’ll still be able to acquire properties on those
– There will be kids in the land of skyrim

There was also a rumor on it being connected to Facebook, but it’s been discredited by Bethesda, everything else was confirmed. There were also three new screenshots, but I think they’re still exclusive to the magazine.

I know it isn’t much, but it’s something. Skyrim is one of the biggest launches this year and possibly the best western RPG so anything is valuable.

While we wait for the 11-11-11 release, let’s discuss the possibilities. What are your thoughts on this?