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Invite Friends to Join + Earn Points & Hidden Trophies!

This is a feature I’ve wanted ever since I’ve turned on the points feature for you guys. You can now invite your friends and get 100 points when they join! To access the form to invite your friends, go to where it shows your points at the top of the screen and it’s a drop down link under that’s called “Invite Friends for Points“. You can invite more than 1 friend at a time, too.

You don’t get points just for sending out invites. Points are awarded when your friend registers for Best way to find out if you got points for your invite is to keep a eye on the top right of the screen when you open pages around the site. The point notify function will notify you within seconds after opening a new page or refreshing a page if you have earned points. It will say you just earned 100 points. Then, go to your point logs to see which friend just signed up and got you points!

Another new feature is Hidden Trophies. You can see what you have earned at the bottom of your trophy page. So far there are hidden trophies for inviting friends and game nights. But I will be adding more as I think of them. Let me know if you have any ideas for hidden trophies, I’ll award you 50 points for each idea I put into use.

It’s been requested by a few of you that you don’t want hosting game nights to count towards the Platinum Trophy. So I’ve moved it to the hidden trophy section instead. So now it’s a even 50 trophies including the Platinum Trophy.

I wanted to mention that in order to comment on you must now be a member. This will help the community here be stronger and content will only come from members. Plus, you might as well earn points for your activity here, which can be used for future giveaways/contents or even just betting your points against other members.

Not a member? Like trophies? Like giveaways? Want to speak your mind? Register here!