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Rumor: Starkhawk to be Announced Tomorrow!! (Update!)

[tab:Starhawk Announcement!?]A bunch of gaming websites have begun posting pre-announcements to the Friday announcement of Starhawk, the long awaited sequel to the PS3 exclusive, multiplayer only Warhawk.

Websites such as TheSixthAxis and’s blog have both approved that an announcement of a PS3 exclusive title will come on Friday the 13th of May at 9:30am GMT (4:30am EST). While TheSixthAxis was somewhat cagey it is all but obvious that the game to be announced will be Starhawk, saying:

We can’t say what it is exactly, but we can say it’s a full hands-on report on a brand new PlayStation 3 exclusive, and it’s one you’re not going to want to miss. We’ll have impressions, screens and an interview all at around the same time. were a little more forthcoming, stating:

Tick Tock, Tick Tock that’s the clock counting down to the Starhawk reveal this Friday.

These add to the already known rumors that Starhawk will be revealed, coming from all manner of sources including an a “Sony surprise” coming in the next episode of GTTV on Friday, the fact that Sony recently registered the domain: (which pretty much singlehandedly confirms the game) and teasing tweets from Dylan Jobe, President of Light Box Interactive (set up by many of the team from Incognito Entertainment, the makers of Warhawk) saying:

The wait is over next Friday… #DylanLightsTheFuse

Personally, I think Warhawk was a badass multiplayer title, especially considering that it was came out in 2007: 32 players, huge maps, and enjoyable on-foot, vehicular and air combat. It’s announcement will certainly serve as welcome relief to Sony, desperate for some positive attention, and broadcasting an exclusive title which Microsoft would kill to have will serve them just well.

Thank Eddie for the find!

Update:– Full Clan support (not just a tag)
– In-game calendar
– Cross-Server Clan Voice Chat
– A Fully Automated and Integrated Tournament System (we heard him say “cell phone,” but we’re not sure if it was something in-game or not)
-Multiplayer will support up to 32 players

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