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Skyrim Has Unlimited Dragons; Might Support Riding Them

Hey Elder Scrolls fans (and/or those looking forward to Skyrim), Todd Howard of Bethesda was interviewed about the game (with the interview being roughly translated to English here), and when asked about the number of dragons being a set number, he responded with:

No, there is an unlimited number of dragons. One of our designers actually put in a random event I encountered, where I ended up being chased by three dragons and I thought “who the hell did this?” I felt like Frodo in Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers and was really frightened. So I asked him to remove it. But no, dragons are generated automatically (in addition to that there are a number of specific encounters, of course).

Further into the interview, the interviewee asked whether players could ride dragons or not, with Todd’s response being:

Have we considered it? Yes. Do we allow it right now? No. But we can decide to support it at some point.

Imagine how cool that would be for a minute. Although I am not much of an RPG fan, if they allowed you to actually ride dragons, I’d definitely check the game out. There are a ton of other details, including how the dragons do speak their own language, while a few of them can also be understood by your character, but they didn’t delve into details like that very much, but it’s still an interesting read for sure.

Expect to see it in stores this November.