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Battlefield 3 | FPS Voice Over Record?!

DICE Voice Over Producer, Tomas Danko has been tweeting some very entertaining pieces of information about some of the voice overs used in Battlefield 3. He points out that no other FPS video game has ever had this many voice over variations for multiplayer with over 300 alone just for the “man down” event.

Some of Danko’s tweets:

  • 158 hours total overtime and counting. It’s not even crunch time yet, so bring it on. Let’s aim for the 500 mark on launch day!
  • Boosting Multi Play Game Mode Radio VO like nobody’s business.Colleague complaining over too much cursing.I say, f**k that f*****g s**t #BF3
  • You think troops don’t swear? Oh man, how they swear… 🙂 BF3 has more explicit words than BC2 I’m afraid. SPand MP.
  • Are we going to be seeing more voices per faction? Will the arabic faction be speaking the same language as #bf2? Thanks 🙂
    • No FPS ever had this many unique voices in Multi Play, period. ~35 actors for Multi Play alone. No arabic, though. #BF3
  • No FPS ever had this large amount of VO variations for Multi Play, not even close. Over 300 for the “Man down” event alone. #BF3
  • So does the mean factions have foreign VO’s like BF2 and BC2? and a menu option in clearer english?
    • Yes, 100% foreign language in-world but playing non-US will have radio/game mode VO in “broken” english for MP. #BF3
  • “Boom, head shot!”?
    • No “Head shot” VO event at all, actually. “Hostile/Enemy down” “I took that fucker out” “That mother fucker is dead” etc #BF3
  • is there any german VO in BF3?
    • Nein! 🙂 #BF3