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We Want You To Tell Us What To Talk About

You’re strolling down the street and walk past your local games store. You notice a game that takes your fancy and think about buying it – but hang on, you’re the extra cautious type that won’t part with your money that easily.

Before the guy in the game store robs you of your hard earned cash (or your parent’s hard earned cash), you decide to check out the game online, to see what everyone’s saying about it. This way you get to learn whether your cash was either well spent, or dumped down the drain.

Reviews. One word that makes all the difference. The one word that decides whether you keep your money safely where it belongs or whether you hand it over the counter and get your shiny new game in a cheap plastic bag.

I love reading reviews, and more often, I love writing them. However, there’s always that one question I keep asking myself – what do the readers want to read about when we’re reviewing a game?

The pressure is on to write an honest review, you just don’t want to disappoint. I wish I was telepathic just like Mel Gibson in What Women Want – and to make sure the facts remain straight, I was forced to watch that flick. You don’t know what my missus is like – brutal!

To make life a lot easier for us who like to games, I would like to ask you – our beloved friends and readers – what do you want to read in a review? Do you want to know about the animations, soundtracks? I want to know those itty bitty little things that most reviewers miss out but you want to know about it.

Even if your comments are about general things like Graphics, Gameplay, Completion Time, etc – I STILL want to know about it.

So please, our beloved community – let me hear those lovely words of wisdom – below.