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Call of Duty Elite Info, and Beta Testing Sign-up

This somewhat funny video, entitled The Legend of Karl, has been released to give us more information about the newly announced Call of Duty Elite subscription service.
They have also announce a Call of Duty Elite Beta starting sometime this summer. You can sign-up now, at

Although pretty vague, here are the main features announced:

Find the players YOU want to play Call of Duty with. Connect with online friends, co-workers, classmates or meet new Call of Duty players.

Test your skills in tournaments and events designed for players of all skill levels. Compete for awesome virtual and real-world prizes!

Get the tools to elevate your Call of Duty game. Access your personal stats, view exclusive strategy videos and get detailed intel on maps, weapons, and more.

The CONNECT part sounds like we won’t be able to play with our PSN friends without the service, however I believe it’s just an advanced feature of finding friends online from Facebook, Twitter, and the like. It also sound like it will allow you to search for players with common interests.

Some of the advanced features look to be pretty cool, but will it be worth the monthly fee, rumored to be around $7.99? I’m signing up for a chance at Beta, and will let everyone know more about it if I get in.