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How Long Can You Go Without Playing On Your PS3?

Forget the PSN incident for a second – or maybe for the next 60 seconds and let me give you an insight on what’s currently going on in my life.

We all have been affected by the PSN outage which lasted for over a month or so – this including the full restoration of the PS Store (which is as of writing this still offline). However, the majority of you have had the opportunity to play single player games on your beloved black box, ensuring the addict has got their fix whilst the PSN services were down.

Online gaming was restored only a few weeks ago, and those of you who are addicted to those multiplayer games got your ‘online’ gaming fix and your gaming life is now almost back to normal.

For me, it’s a little bit different. My story still goes back to when the initial services went offline back in April. I have yet to wait to get my gaming fix, whether it be on a single player game or a multiplayer. Why? Well, here my story (I hope the Hollywood producers are reading this – I’m sure you could beef up the story and make it into a Hollywood production).

When the PS Network went offline, I wasn’t really affected. Instead of showing signs of hysteria, I was as calm as the sea on a sunny day. You’re probably wondering I must be whack – not reacting to something that affected millions – but the truth is it didn’t matter.

My PS3, TV and Cable box was comfortably stored away in a secure area due to construction work starting on my house. I was more excited at the fact that I was having a huge 2 storey extension put onto the end of my house.

As I write this, the building contracters are probably knocking a wall or two down, creating a nice corridor to my newly built bedroom and creating an open plan lounge. However, my PS3 is still tucked away from the dangers that be.

It’s been well over a month since I last touched a controller, or even laid hands on my beloved black box, and with another 4 weeks to go before completion of my extension – that includes furnishing, I’m still as calm as the sea on a sunny day.

So, I’d love to know how long can you go without playing your PS3? How long would it be before you cracked up and gave into the deep desire of playing your PS3?

Note: I will update this article with the number of days I had to stay without my PS3 in hope to see if anyone can beat me – lol.

P.S. This question probably excludes Jay, he’s already holding the record for the most days without a PS3!!