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Interested in the NGP? Check this stuff out!

  • On June 3, 2011

Sony has really started rolling out new information for their upcoming handheld, which seems to suggest that it’s going to be a huge deal at E3 this year (which wouldn’t be a surprise at all). With the technology behind the handheld, we’ve already seen some of the amazing things it can do, and this week, we’ve gotten an even bigger taste of what’s to come. Personally, I am really excited for this, and I’m not much of a handheld guy.

[tab:Uncharted: Golden Abyss]

The first game to talk about is an obvious choice, and Sony thought so, too. When it was first shown, it didn’t quite have a title, but it has now been revealed that the NGP’s Uncharted will be called “Golden Abyss”.

This is arguably one of the most anticipated titles for the NGP, and those interested in picking up the NGP will likely get this as well. Even though it’s being developed by a company not associated with Naughty Dog (Bend Studio), they have done games for handhelds like Resistance Retribution. If they can manage to capture the feel and flow of an Uncharted game, we’re in for a real winner.

[tab:Wipeout Coming to NGP]

Although the title is still a work in progress as far as the name goes, Wipeout is definitely going to make an NGP outing. But that’s not the biggest news. PS3 and NGP are going to have a lot of cross-platform play capability, and this is one of those titles that will support it. A person playing Wipeout HD Fury on the PS3 can race against up to 7 other players on the NGP.

The NGP title also holds 10 new tracks and about 20 new ships to control, new modes, and new weapons, so if you’re a big Wipeout fan, you’ll definitely want to pick this one up. If you’ve never played them before, they’re pretty fun!

[tab:Sound Shapes]

Up to this point, we’ve only seen a couple titles based off of established franchises. Sound Shapes is something completely new, and I can see how it can be appealing to some people. It’s basically a game where the levels and music are synchronous. Although it’s not the first game to have that kind of feature (Everyday Shooter on the PS3 was like that), it does have some pretty neat stuff.

First of all, you’re able to create the music by laying certain platforms using different instruments, etc. You can use it as a music generator, but to get the most out of it, you’re also able to “play” the music tracks you create. It seems like a neat idea at least, and I am sure our guys at E3 will give it a spin. I love conceptual and independent titles, and I gotta say, Sony has a lot of those.

[tab:Hustle Kings]

Hustle Kings is pretty much the best looking billiards/pool game I’ve ever played. Loaded with super-realistic physics and multiple types of tables and modes, it was probably the most feature-packed billiards game I’ve played as well.

Turns out, the title will also be coming to the NGP, with a few additions utilizing some of the system’s features as well. You can still use the analog stick to shoot, but with the touch screen capabilities of the NGP, you’ll be able to flick your finger for more control over your shot. Some other features utilizing NGP capabilities are described below:

The difficulty of taking a shot is widely variable. You can set a guide that will tell you exactly where your ball will go, or just eyeball it. Cueing methods vary from a pinball-like pull-and-release motion to the traditional poolhall motion. But Hustle Kings NGP takes advantage of more than just the NGP’s touch screen. On the PS3 you can chalk your cue by shaking the DualShock 3. Here you can apply chalk by “rubbing the cue” via the backtouch panel. Instead of selecting a pre-made avatar, you can snap a photo of yourself using the built-in camera. Other functionality abounds: You can use your NGP’s screen as a window into the pool hall by rotating around the ball with the six axis motion sensing, and chat in-game using the NGP’s built-in microphone.

[tab:Super Stardust Delta]

Super Stardust HD is still one of the best downloadable titles available on the PS3. Now, the franchise will be making its way to the NGP, thanks to the twin analog sticks (a must-have for these types of games). Super Stardust Delta is a completely new game, with some new features and new weapons (expect new bosses as well), and will likely be a must-have for any NGP owner.

Some of the new weapons include an ice laser and a laser melter (names pending), and each primary weapon has a secondary attack you enable by use of the touchscreen. As an example, the Ice Laser shoots out a swarm of missiles, while the Laser Melter creates a black hole (which can suck you in if you’re not careful). You can also create shockwaves by shaking the system, or use the sixaxis gyro functionality to peer around the planet to see what’s coming (though not completely around; it just allows you to see what’s over the immediate horizon).

A “Purist” mode will also be available to those who prefer to play the game like the PS3 version, with similar controls and abilities, but you’ll be missing out on the cool new stuff this title has. Here’s a few more things to be included:

The team promises online play (details TBD) as well as some new special play modes that make heavier use of the touch controls. But ultimately, that’s icing on the cake. This is the Super Stardust you know and love, and finally playable as it’s meant to be played on the go.