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[E3 2011] New 3D Display and Accessories for PS3

One relatively surprising announcement to come out the the conference yesterday was for this neat piece of hardware. Starting this Fall, retailers will be selling this new 24″ PlayStation-branded display for use with the PS3. It’s a 24″, 1080P 3D television that also showcases a feature Sakinah talked about in February, and that’s using the same display for two players, giving each player his or her own view on the display.

This is possible because of the shutter glasses; one pair will show one person’s view and another pair will show the other (where, normally, either lens would display one part of a 3D image and quickly alternate between the two to give a 3D effect). This, essentially, does one side on both lenses per person to allow 2 different views on the same display. Of course, this sacrifices the 3D, but it does exploit it in a way that 2 people can play a 2 player game, and not have the annoying split screen (which got even worse with the advent of widescreen TVs I think). These glasses will work on many different TV brands as a pair of 3D glasses, but this particular feature will only work on this display.

As far as the bundle goes, you can pick up the display, along with a pair of glasses, an HDMI cable, and a copy of Resistance 3, for $499, which isn’t too bad a deal. Extra pairs of glasses will cost about $69, and include rechargeable batteries, which I would assume hook up to the PS3 via USB like all their other accessories.

Hopefully we may see larger display sizes further down the line because I can’t really see myself playing on a 24 inch screen at this point :P. Maybe Sony’s Bravia line will have that kind of support built into them later? Also, you have to question, which games would support the feature?