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A Bunch of Trailers for Vita Titles

With the official name announcement, and the price to go along with it, Sony has promised that the Vita will be hitting all major territories by the end of the year (as mentioned through this FAQ (which, in itself, has quite a bit of information). Reading between the lines, this was an interesting one, as it sounds like it could be a possibility in the future:

Q: Why didn’t you introduce stereoscopic 3D (without glasses) to PS Vita?
A: In the development process, we studied the possibility of introducing stereoscopic 3D feature to PS Vita, but decided not to install it. After careful consideration of our goal of offering users the ultimate portable entertainment experience with revolutionary user interface, we have decided to focus on the features and spec announced first.

Then again, I could be wrong and Sony might just be wording it bad. Anyway, the Vita is nothing without any titles, and the PSVita EU YouTube page has quite a few trailers and videos you can check out (after the jump; all of them are first party titles). A few of them are pretty cheesey, but that’s besides the point. In all, the trailers include Product Features, Developer Diary, ModNation Racers, LittleBigPlanet (both of those I already posted), the E3 trailer, WipEout 2048, Top Darts, Super Stardust Delta, Smart As, Reality Fighters, Little Deviants, Hustle Kings, and Everybody’s Golf/Hot Shots Golf.

Keep in mind, these are all EU trailers (except Uncharted). Personally, I got a kick out of Reality Fighters. Also, sorry of this post kills your internet :P.