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Spain Arrests Members of Anonymous

You know, Anonymous, the famed hacker group, has always prided itself on not having a true face for their group, essentially living up to their namesake. We might be on the verge of their anonymity becoming a thing of the past. According to PlayStationLifeStyle, 3 hackers have been arrested in Spain for attacks on PSN, banks and government websites.

It is also said that these are key members of the group’s Spanish branch, and could face prosecution that could land them in prison for about 3 years. I also agree with what NATO said, and believe that, eventually, Anonymous members won’t be able to remain faceless:

…the longer these attacks persist the more likely countermeasures will be developed, implemented, the groups will be infiltrated and perpetrators persecuted.

In response, Anonymous replied:

Finally, do not make the mistake of challenging Anonymous. Do not make the mistake of believing you can behead a headless snake. If you slice off one head of Hydra, ten more heads will grow in its place. If you cut down one Anon, ten more will join us purely out of anger at your trampling of dissent.

Will more members join and try to cause harm in response to prosecution of their own? Of course, but, eventually, there will be a time when no one can really remain anonymous, especially if they keep making these other guys learn new ways of tracking them. This just goes to show no one is untouchable.