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[E3 2011] Hands On - Uncharted 3 Multiplayer / Co-op

The line for Uncharted 3 at E3 was always long, which was a good sign. More so, I bet, because you got a cool t-shirt and a code to unlock gear in Uncharted 3. The game mode we played was called Hunter Mode. There was an offensive and defensive side. When you’re on the offensive side, your goal is to grab treasure and deliver it to the treasure box. Defensive side, of course, tries to stop you. There are multiple treasures in the level, I’d guess about 5 of them. After the time runs down, you switch from offensive to defensive (or vis versa). Two levels were available at E3, both were fun and pretty large.

You have 1 buddy in the game, which is highlighted by a box over their name, so you want to stick by them, because they are friends with benefits! For example, you have greater firepower when you are together. I’m sure there are other benefits, but I didn’t notice any. One really cool thing is, when you kill an enemy, you can both stand over the body and high five each other! I seem to recall you can sometimes revive your buddy as well. Not sure if your buddy is random or if you can choose them. Seems like, in this demo, it was random. I hope in the final game, you can choose your buddy.

Skills have changed a bit in Uncharted 3. In UC2, you picked a couple skills, and they are available for the whole match. This time, you choose your skills, but you have to unlock them in battle. When you get to a point when you can use them, you have to press a button. One skill I used was faster running, which lasts, I’d guess, about 30 seconds. I think there are also different types of explosives you can choose as a skill.

There are team-wide skills as well. At one point, I saw a notice saying that all your firepower is now doubled for a short amount of time. Not sure what triggers this or if you can choose your team skills or not.

If you have played Uncharted 2, you will feel right at home. It was easy to jump in and play. I had a LOT of fun with Uncharted 3. I would have kept going to the back of the line over and over, but there are so many other things to do at E3!


Me and Eddie played through a whole co-op mission together, and it was great fun. You collect 3 – 5 treasures and deliver them to an altar. Of course, enemies don’t like this for some reason, so they try to stop you. The last treasure you collect, you have to kill a heavily armored guy to get it.

My favorite part of this mission was when you are scaling a castle wall and shooting enemies looking over the edge above trying to kill you. You get a handheld gun with a sniper scope, so you can zoom in and take them out easier. There are larger rocks on the castle wall you can actually hide behind and you just lean over it to shoot, then hide again.

After you get to the castle roof top, you finish off the remaining enemies and the co-op mission ends with 2 helicopters coming to get you. Hopefully this co-op mission in the full game allows you to take out the helicopters together.

So far Uncharted 3 is looking amazing! I can’t wait to pick it up later this year.