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Winners of the LA Noire T-Shirt Contest

Alright, so the overall consensus was that this was a fun giveaway, and I am glad that you guys enjoyed this. This was actually the first giveaway we’ve ever done like this, and it seems people would be interested in having more, so we’re going to try to do them more often (I had fun setting this one up myself).

Now, we had three shirts to give you guys, and three (well, technically four if you count Kane, who opted not to get the shirt) people have responded with the correct answer (the clues and steps will be detailed after the jump), so congratulations to the following:

Here are the steps you had to take in order to win:

1. In the review, I had some code hidden within the post. It was actually pretty noticeable, as there was a big, white space underneath my review score. If you highlight it, the code will show:

The Binary translates to:

Bios, faces, and controllers. The one with the beard.

2. This points you to going to the “About Us” page, where, under my biography, there is a link that directs you to this stereogram:

3. If you could see the code in the stereogram, you will see “1947”, which is the year LA Noire takes place. It also tells you that you must type that out on the page itself. If you did it correctly, you should get a small pop-up with this information:

The coordinates, 34° 2’24.90”N 118°16’7.40”W, if you typed it correctly in a GPS mapping system (personally, I used Google Maps to make sure it worked), it will bring you to the main entrance to the Los Angeles Convention Center, which is the answer I was looking for. Congratulations to everyone who figured it out! Hopefully we’ll have more giveaways like this in the future!

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