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[E3 2011] Missing In Action

Another E3 has come to a close and while gamers were shown plenty of reasons to be excited for their platform of choice, there were a few titles that were noticeably absent this year. Here’s a list of titles m.i.a at E3 2011:

Sorcery: One of the most promising PlayStation Move titles revealed for the PS3 during E3 2010, Sorcery was a no show this year. News regarding Sorcery has been hard to find since last year. Although rumored to release sometime this year, the only update about the game was made on February 11th when The Workshop ( developers working on Sorcery ) posted the following on their website: “Development for “Sorcery” is in full-swing. We’re really excited on the progress so far.

Adrift: Leading up to E3 this year news surrounding a French studio called DONTNOD Entertainment would lead you to believe that their first title in development for the PS3 was set to be revealed at the event. It was even mentioned on DONTNOD’s website that the developers were headed to E3 to presumably show off their “AAA” action game to the public. Clearly that wasn’t the case.

Final Fantasy XIV: It’s no secret that Square Enix’s latest mmorpg had a pretty disappointing launch last October. So much so that Square Enix sent at least two apologies to its customers, recognizing the poor quality of the game and asking for patience while they rework it. Under new management, Final Fantasy XIV is slowing becoming the mmorpg fans expected, so I was surprised when SE opted not to show off the game at E3 2011. That would have been a perfect time to let those who may have washed their hands of the title know how much it has improved and why they should give it a second look.

Agent:Who knows what’s going on with Rockstar North’s sandbox action game set during the Cold War. The game was first announced in 2007 and officially named at Sony’s E3 2009 conference. Since then, outside of Take-Two’s confirmation that the title was still in development during a fiscal earnings conference call onMay 24th 2011, gamers are still in the dark about the game.