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Are Video Games Causing Marital Trouble?

I listened to a local news story about how video games are causing marital issues. They reported that 15% of women say their husbands’ obsession with gaming is cause for their divorce. It was only 5% a year ago in the same survey. I think part of this is due to them not working out the real issues in their marriage, or maybe it’s just that some guys are really addicted to games and don’t care about anything else. If you are playing games for 8+ hours every day, and your aren’t getting paid to do it, I think that’s a little much for a married guy. Unless your wife if out of town. Then get in all the gaming you can!

I’m married myself and I don’t game as much anymore. More so because I’m busy with other things; having less money to spend on games is a issue as well, but I also make time to spend with my wife. When I do play games, it’s usually when my wife is working on her own project or is out of the house. Sometimes she works on her projects on the couch and I sit by her and play my games. We do play together, but that’s a rare thing. The game we’ve been playing together lately is Pac-Man Championship Edition DX. She also plays her own games on the computer from time to time, like the classic Burger Time or Reversi.

Honestly, I think wives are to eager to attack their husbands for playing video games because they already have a bad rap, so it’s an easy target. They need to be understanding that this is something men enjoy, and to let them have their gaming time. Men don’t complain about when their wife does scrap booking, watching soaps, shopping (unless they get to go with, noooooo), Facebook, etc.

But that doesn’t mean husbands can spend all their time gaming and leave no time for their wife either. There needs to be a balance, it’s up to you to find that balance. Better yet, try to get her to play games with you!

How do you get your gaming time in? Does your wife bother you about your gaming or is she more understanding? What are your thoughts on this matter?