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Uncharted 3: New & Improved (Now With More Beta!)

As far back as I can remember, I’ve always been a PlayStation fan. I think the game that escalated that fandom without a doubt has got to be the Uncharted series.

It’s that time again with the UC3 Beta coming out today on the PSN around 2pm PST (according to Evan Wells’ twitter) and then I’ll be able to go home and starting handing tickets for the “pain train”. The videos showcasing the new maps that will be available to play will be “Airstrip” & “Chateau” along with some co-op options.

Now if you couldn’t tell, I’m just this side of being excited to be included in this boner-inducing beta and not only will you be able to play the beta – you’ll be able to earn in-game rewards for the actual game when it comes out in November. Now that is something to write home to the alumni association about.

As far as our battled-tested protagonist: Nathan Drake…you got to feel for this guy. He gets beat on, shot at, put in constant danger and apparently he’s still got one more Arabian adventure in him. Can you imagine how that conversation would go:

Foo: So Drake what have been up to?

Drake: Looking for treasure and getting shot and taking down bad guys like a pissed off kid with a magnifying glass.

Foo: Oh.

So…maybe not that exciting after all. It’s probably for the best he’s actually a complete work of fiction and I can summon him anytime I like. A lot of websites are hyping up the beta because of the success of Uncharted 2 last year and were no different here on PS3BlOG.NET, check out our big “Uncharted 2 GOTY Edition Giveaway” and be sure to enter. I would, but i own it, beat it, platinum’d it and now I use it for practice for this upcoming beta.

If you have played Uncharted 2, do yourself a favor and cut the cord from Call Of Duty and go play a quality game that’s put out by an even better quality studio “Naughty Dog”. Rent it, buy it, Gamefly it – if you friend has it – steal it and never talk to them again. Trust me, it’s worth every minute of your precious time – I guarantee it.