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Sackboy Is Sad

Ladies and gentlemen. Boys and girls. Today, Sackboy is sad.

After spending the last few years saving the world from zombies, pirates, giant robots and Liquid Snake himself ( a feat few have accomplished mind you ), it appears Sackboys services are no longer required. Today Sackboy got his pink slip form Media Molecule, who announced this week that they were “stepping away” from our favorite little big hero.

MM has decided to move on to newer things instead, dropping Sackboy like a sack of hot potatoes. Stuffed on the shelf never to heard from again. Yes, it’s a sad day in Craft World as it appears that there won’t be another Little Big Planet game on the PS3 for sometime. What will become of Sackboy??

Look away. Nothing to see here but another sad, unemployed Sack Thing with 12 sackcats to feed at home. How will Sackboy survive this dreaded turn of events? Who will save the universe from giant mushroom invaders from Planet Overthar? What will become of Sackboy, for the love of all things crocheted!?!

Oh wait! Sackboy almost forgot!

Tarsier Studios is bringing Little Big Planet to the PlayStation Vita soon! It’s not the end for Sackboy after all! Sackboy is smiling once more! Little Big Planet lives on! Sackboy gets to bounce around and wag his tongue for another day. All is right with the world.

*Please note that Media Molecule hasn’t publicly stated their plans regarding the future of Little Big Planet. Sackboy just tends to exaggerate.