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Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Fan Interview

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim has been on my “most anticipated titles of 2011” since I first heard of it, so anything related to that game makes me really excited, however, it had been a couple months since I had seen something substantial about it. This has now changed.

Bethesda published at their forum a Q & A made from fan questions, there are 25 points discussed in total, and I suggest everyone slightly interested in the game to read that.

In my opinion these are the most interesting/new things I’ve seen on the interview:

  • You’ll be able to get married and your spouse can come and live with you, if you own a house.
  • Armors are now a single item (those who have played Fallout should understand).
  • Crafting is now a skill, you’ll be able to craft items from scratch and upgrade weapons and armor accordingly to your skill level.
  • Character customization has been greatly improved and you can change your appearance to a great level.
  • Enchanting has also gone through an overhaul, but you still have to replenish your enchanted weapons with soul gems.
  • Bosses will use different tactics and skills in order to increase the difficulty

Personally I can’t wait for 11/11/11 and we can expect more information to surface as the date draws near .