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Bioshock Infinite Demo Footage

  • On July 8, 2011

The seventeen minute demo of Bioshock Infinite that debuted behind closed doors at E3 is at last available for public consumption. The game looks absolutely amazing, featuring game play that relies not only on the ingenious guns + magic powers formula from the previous Bioshock titles, but also vertiginous navigation around the floating city of Columbia using roller coaster-like rails.

Another exciting new feature is the sidekick’s ability to interact with “tears” in space-time, such that she can create objects seemingly from thin air and manipulate the world in other ways, transforming the cityscape into a city of another era. At any rate, the tech is remarkable, and it appears that the demo is being played on an XBox 360. Hence the game should look beautiful on our beloved console as well. (I appreciate that the demo doesn’t use the PC version, which will, presumably, look much nicer than the versions on current-gen consoles.)

Check out the footage after the jump.

Excited about the title? How about this game’s reinterpretation of Bioshock’s delightfully Freudian myth of the Big Daddy and Little Sister? 2012 seems so far away…

Source: Joystiq