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PlayStation Vita Features Explained

It goes without saying that the PS Vita is jam packed with features to not just enhance our gaming but also build on social networks in conjunction with gaming. The above video displays some of the many features that the PS vita will be boasting at launch.

First up we see one of the most popular features (and on of my personal favorite) which is cloud game saves that work between the PS3 and the PS Vita. Ruin is one of the first games to be shown to use this new system. You can start a game on the PS3, save, upload to the cloud and continue the same game on your Vita.

The next feature that is shown is Near. Near is a social aspect to the Vita that allows you to communicate in different ways. In the video you see a guy walking through a park, he messages a friend and tells him to check the park out. When his friend arrives at the park, he finds a gift that was left behind by the guy who sent the message. The gift was a Little Big Planet limited edition sticker.

You then see a lady who is searching for new friends. The PS Vita can search for nearby Vita’s and allow you to communicate with them and add them to your friends list.

The next feature that is shown is an oldie but goldie, party chat. You can invite several friends into one voice chat/video chat room even while they are playing a game.

The video ends with showing off some of the basic features of the Vita such as the touch screen, back touch pad and motion controls. A very impressive machine indeed.