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Netflix Subscription Plan Update

For those of us who use Netflix, may it be the streaming-only service or the DVD/Blu-Ray with streaming service, the latter might be a little disappointed with this news. Netflix has opted to separate both DVD and Blu-Ray plans from the streaming plans. The streaming-only plan will remain $7.99 a month, but since the DVD plan included streaming, it was only $2 more a month for adding DVD onto the plan.

Netflix says that didn’t make sense financially, and since DVD rentals are still huge with the service, they wanted it to make better business sense. This is why they divided the plans, and the DVD plan will now be the same price as the streaming plan, at $7.99. 2 discs out at a time will be $11.99. In comparison, the 1 Blu-Ray/DVD plan (that included streaming) was $12.99.

At least with the new plan, Blu-Ray renting will be at $9.99, $2 more instead of $3 (and another $1 for each additional disc). Now, here is where the problem starts, though. Since this new plan separates streaming and disc services, subscribers will need to get the bundled service (which doesn’t offer any discounts) if they want both. Those of us currently on the1 DVD/Blu-Ray/Streaming plan pay $12.99 a month, plus tax. With the new subscription update, it will be the $7.99 streaming service, plus another $9.99 for the Blu-Ray/DVD, resulting in a $17.98 bill instead, which, quite frankly, is completely unfair from a consumerist standpoint.

Here’s another kicker. The DVD-Only plans only allow up to 2 DVDs/Blu-Rays at a time, so if you currently have the 4 DVD plan, and you want to continue with 4 DVD rentals, you will be forced to get the 4 DVD with streaming, which will now cost you $29.98 a month, $34.98 with Blu-Ray. Same goes with the 3 DVD (albeit at a lower price).

For new subscribers, these subscription changes are immediate, but for people who already subscribe to Netflix? We’re not safe, either. If you haven’t changed over before September 1st, you will wind up having to pay AT LEAST the $17.98 ($15.98 if you don’t rent Blu-Rays), depending on the number of discs you have for your current plan.

Personally, I might just switch to the Streaming service, as I don’t really watch my disc-based movies as much as I should anyway, and I take forever to get around to them. But still, for those who use both aspects of the service? They’re getting the most mistreatment by this new pricing model. I still love Netflix, though.