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Alien Zombie Mega Death Review + Giveaway!

Presented to us by Pom Pom Games (who’ve also given us Astro Tripper on PSN) and you’d better take a look at all that this game features!

* Available on PS3 via the Playstation Store
* Intense shoot em up action
* Both survival and one shot adventure levels
* Multiplayer Co-op gameplay
* 20 Zombie types to contend with
* 70 levels to pillage or die on
* Bonus UFOs and Score pickups
* Powerups
* Medals awarded for achievements
* Unlockable space suits
* Decoy pods & Jet Packs
* Bomb defuse tasks
* Baby rescue tasks
* Surely that’s enough?

This isn’t just a minis game with trophy support. Here’s the original minis release in all it’s small, quirky and fun glory:


Now, here’s what the PSN version looks like… spot the differences!

PS+ subcribers can actually download Alien Zombie Death (minis) for a limited time for absolutely zero down and zero interest until it’s taken down from the PS+ section of the PSN store (it probably be taken out of rotation on July 26 so get it ASAP!) and you should because, even though it IS a very fun minis that presents interesting ideas and elements… the PSN version feels more like a sequel than a remake or a re-imagining thanks to all that got added to the foundation set by it’s minis cousin.

So, what is the game all about? You’re a spaceman that must kill all Alien Zombies because, well, they’re aliens AND zombies and putting “peanut butter and jelly” together like that can’t be good for mankind. You can move around with the analog stick and jump up and down the platforms that make up each available stage in order to be on the same level as the alien zombies so you can start shooting and shooting and shooting so we can make this a better universe.

The most important thing to remember in this game is that after three hits you’re done for and must start a level over in case you didn’t obtain all available medals or want to shoot for a higher score. What are these medals I mention? Each level has different objectives to consider in order to obtain the medals available for it and medals ARE IMPORTANT if you want to play all levels as you need medals to unlock more levels in the game AND to unlock RED levels which are extra hard, extra long and extra extra. The requirements for medals can be the following:

* Reach X score: Simple and to the point. You must reach the highscore the game tells you is your goal for the medal to count. You don’t HAVE to stop once you get the medal but on some levels you can just die if it’s the only medal you missed on your first run and the game will autosave.

* Kill X of a specific enemy: Same as above but sometimes a bit tricky since the enemies they ask you to kill are either in short supply or overwhelm you with 50+ making their way towards you at any given time.

* Complete a level: Only available for blue (regular) levels and you get it by not loosing all your lives and completing a level… which makes sense.

* Obtain X crystals: Another tricky one. Crystals are explained below (READ IT!) but for this medal you mus grab them quickly since the quicker you are at grabbing them reflects on how fast the next one appears.

* Defuse X bombs: Bombs are BAD, they’re on a timer and they go BOOM! You must grab a bomb and take it all the way back to the bomb defusing device before the timer gets to zero. Would be an easy goal if there were no enemies on these levels but when you add those in, a couple of meteorites, some other hazards AND the fact that you can’t jump or shoot while carrying a bomb and you move at half your regular speed…

* Save x babies: Did you like the bomb levels? Then you’re going to HATE the baby based ones! Babies pop out at one side of the screen and you must make sure they reach the other side safely. SAFELY is the important word since they can be killed by the alien zombies or meteorites and when they do they’ll turn into a ghost out for revenge, eternally following you until it hits you and takes one of your precious health icons away. You can carry babies to change what platform they’re traveling and they’ll continue to bounce along to the other side non-stop. Easy when one baby is around. Not so much when you’ve got to juggle 3 babies, 20 enemies, 5 meteorites AND a UFO just passing by. Even with all of that, they’re the most fun medal to shoot for since there’s not that many levels of this type.

* Kill X UFOs: Wait, why aren’t UFOs considered under the “Kill X of a specific enemy”? They aren’t because of two reasons. First, UFOs don’t appear on any level until you’ve completed level 13… which consists of nothing but UFOs. Second, UFOs only show up to the side of the level, away from your immediate reach and travel up and down or down and up on a single trip and once they pass they’re gone. When you add in a boss, 20 enemies and 10 energy bullets all around you, getting to that UFO before it’s gone can be a bit problematic.

* Kill X of the Boss: Yes, we have bosses to kill in this game! Again, like UFOs they COULD be considered as part of the “Kill X of a specific enemy” category but since they’re bosses AND they’re harder to kill than regular enemies… they get their own medal!

You’ve got lots of weapons and pick ups available to help you out with all the alien zombie killing and you better use them all:

Pick ups available… come and get them!

3-Way: Shoot straight in front of you and at an upper and lower angle (of 45°) to help you get as many aliens as possible away from your plane of existence and into the afterlife in the stars (or on a path to reincarnation if that’s part of your beliefs).

Laser: Once you pick up the laser DO NOT STOP USING IT! This is the strongest weapon available and can destroy a boss in 2 seconds flat. Any enemy on it’s path will be evaporated in a flash and this is the only weapon that can destroy the meteorites that sometimes decide to cross your path and force you to take a hit.

Missile: Great for getting enemies from far away when you can’t or shouldn’t line up with them on the same platform. Most effective against small, fast moving enemies since the missiles will track them down until they either make contact or end up disappearing after running out of fuel.

Health: Only available on the red levels. Since you’ve got three hits before you’re done grabbing a health pickup will allow you to carry on even further as you try to obtain all the medals on the extra levels available… and oh, how we need that extra health every now and then once 50 minor enemies, two bosses, three laser barriers and 20 meteors are trying to end your life.

Slow Down: For those times when none of the other pickups show up and you HAVE to get something. Just kidding! Slow Down will save you several times since it helps you to quickly change platforms in between the aliens and kill them without having to worry too much about the one just making his way to you from the other direction.

Crystals: How DO you get the medals for highscores? By increasing your score multiplier… and what better way is there than by collecting crystals that help it jump up instantly? As an extra, if you wait 2-3 seconds before grabbing a crystal it will release several shards that ALSO give you points AND increase your multiplier! They’re the same shards that enemies explode into so that’s why anything that sparkles is your friend (on the other hand, anything that glows? Avoid it like the plague).

Jet Pack: You like Peter Pan, don’t you? Well, have I got a treat for you! Once you pick up a Jet Pack you’ll be able to quickly move around all over the place without having to bother about changing platforms or jumping ever again… well, until you’re hit and you loose the Jet Pack. Once you do, you start to move at what seems “snails on tarp” but now there’s twice as many enemies as usual all around you so you have to run to a new Jet Pack to save your lifeOnly available in some specific levels so take that into consideration.

Decoy Pod: For the moment when every single enemy decides it you’d REALLY like it if they did a coordinated attack which would fill every platform with an energy bullet, meteorite, enemy or Boss… the Decoy Pod is available for your entertainment! Once you hit it a hologram copy will appear that has the benefit of drawing enemy fire AND the enemies themselves to it, thus allowing you to get some distance between you so you can plan your next course of action and carry on with your objectives Only available in some specific levels so take that into consideration.

If you’re hit at any point your current multiplier progress bar will return to nothing BUT your multiplier itselft will stay at the same level (thanks for not being so bad to us!). Another thing that will reset is the points value for UFOs, babies and bombs so if you really want to get those “Reach X score” medals or increase your highscore for the leaderboards you HAVE to avoid getting hit at all cost. Oh yeah, you have a leaderboard available to which you must manually upload your score (hit Select while in the screen where you pick each level) but the online component doesn’t stop there since, as mentioned at the start, you’ve got a chance to play in local AND online multiplayer!

Finally, let’s talk a bit more about Red Levels. As I said before, they’re very hard levels that you should definitely tackle until you’ve completed all blue levels so you know how all enemies, bosses, hazards and pick ups work so you actually have a fighting chance. Red levels are the equivalent of endless mode in other games as they only end once you loose all your health and can literally go on for hours. Your goal is to get all medals on these levels and get as high of a score as possible since Red levels are what REALLY help you jump up several spots on the leaderboards once you’ve reached the Zen like focus required to survive for long enough. Lots, and lots, and lots AND lots of alien zombies must be destroyed to get the medals since, right of the bat, the first Red Level asks you to kill 300 enemies for the first medal and waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay more for the second one. And don’t even get me started on the score requirements for medals or the ones for killing X bosses since in those you’re avoiding every enemy and hazard while battling 2-3 bosses AT THE SAME TIME. Same goes for the Defusing bombs medals since you’ll feel like you’ve just taken out every bomb needed to power all the best scenes on all action movies ever made. An the Red Baby levels… ah, the Red Baby levels! You could a whole orphanage’s real estate with all the babies you’ll rescue. Might even have enough to branch off overseas!

After 20+ hours spent playing I can sum it all up very easily: BUY THIS GAME NOW!

Alien Zombie Mega Death is a great game that has evolved from it’s minis prequel into something more complex, prettier and easier to control and enjoy. Your investment will get you several hours of fun and it will take you 30+ hours to make it into the top 5 on the leaderboards or to obtain all the medals in the game.

[review pros=”Lots of content for your gaming buck
Fast paced shooting in 2D in this day and age!
Great graphical improvement over minis prequel” cons=”No DLC levels pack announced so far” score=94]

Published by Pom Pom Games
Developed by Pom Pom Games

Cost – $7.99

Available on PSN


– All blue levels were completed before writing this review. 254 medals obtained and only one more trophy needed (for obtaining all medals)
– Currently ranked in the top 5 at the leaderboads.
– Total amount of time played: 22 hours.
– This review is based on a retail copy of the PS3 version of Alien Zombie Mega Death provided by Pom Pom Games.


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