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House of the Dead: Overkill (Extended Cut) on October 2011

One of the best Wii games ever is now getting a port over to the PS3 as a retail product with two extra levels, HD visuals, trophies, Move and 3D support and aaaaaaaaaall of the awesome dialogue, feeling and atmosphere that made this a must buy for all Nintendo owners. How soon can Sony console supporters get their hands on this very fun game? October. October 25 to be exact.

Here’s the list of all new and exclusive PS3 features for Overkill:

* PlayStation Move and Sharp Shooter compatible
* OVERKILL fully remastered – available in high definition, with stereoscopic 3D for the first time ever
* Extended with 2 additional levels not featured in the original game (MORE levels? Pre-ordering right now!)
* Exclusive crossbow weapon
* New baby mutant type (ooooooooh, baby mutant? Niiiiice!)
* New Hardcore Mode – mutants can only be killed with headshots (so, just like regular zombies then?)
* New Classic Mode – play through the entire game using only the AMS Magnum
* Exclusive Missing Reel – an extended boss fight with “Mother” in “OVERKILL”, the game’s final level
* Online leaderboards to track high scores and player statistics
* Collectibles to grab throughout all levels to unlock bonus materials; comic pages, music tracks, 3D models and 2D artwork (can we have a CE with physical copies of the bonus material? I kinda missed on the comicbook of the Wii version so I’d gladly give you guys $10 extra for that and a soundtrack CD added to the PS3 version)
* New PlayStation Trophies to unlock (EdEN approves!)
* Improved boss fights in all levels
* New and improved cutscenes using motion capture
* And more still to come!

You will soon be able to enjoy all the fun provided by levels like this:

And this:

Show your support for awesome “lightgun” games by pre-ordering your copy of House of the Dead: Overkill (Extended Cut) today!