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BF3: Leaked Gameplay And a New Trailer

A bunch of videos have hit the internet of Battlefield 3’s Alpha footage, which was from the closed beta. These leaked videos show off the true colors of bf3’s sound engine, which sounds absolutely amazing! We see more melee attacks as well, and I must say, I’m very impressed. DICE got the melee right this time around, it’s very fluid and dynamic. In other news, EA officially released a new trailer. The trailer was dubbed, “Paris Multiplayer Gameplay,” which shows off their 47 wins and 80 nominations at E3. And of course more badass gameplay!

[tab:Paris Multiplayer Gameplay]

[tab:Leaked Gameplay!]

Several videos of the Battlefield 3 Alpha have been leaked onto the web ahead of the game’s closed beta in September, with a fresh batch of details about the game’s new sniper rifle and a number of other weapons.

The build of the alpha in question looks roughly the same as the one previewed at E3 2011 and elsewhere recently. Nonetheless, it still looks badass and I can’t wait to see more footage!!